Thursday, March 30, 2006

Assparade Harmony

harmony has a sweet ass and the hotess pair tata's around. i know you'll love watching this blue eyed fuck kitten get run thru like a marathon.

Assparade Demi

brunet get scooped up at the beach and taken to a fuck palace where she plays with sex toys and dick. watch her hot ass get slammed

Assparade Rachel

OH MY GOD!!!!! THE UNTHINKABLE HAS OCCURED!!!! ok, maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on this shoot.. but when you have the luscious Rachel get her puerto rican princess ass torn up by Gino AND Ramon.... I believe that's reason enough for some sense of urgency.. wouldn't you??? It's ONLY a beautiful piece of ass getting destroyed by Dongzilla and Gino simultaneously.. and Rachel loved every waking moment of this shoot! See why! HURRY!!!! The Dirty One..

Assparade Avy

This girl is really thick! She has the best looking ass and the hotest tits.I know you'll love watching her get fucked.

Assparade Rebecca

Well fellas (and ladies?)... this is a momentous occasion for us here... what I have for you on this glorious day.. is one of ..if not THE.... most beautiful asses I've ever had the pleasure to explo.. i mean shoot. Rebecca is half mexican/half puerto rican... which equals one colossal ass! NOT TO MENTION that Dongzilla himself has the esteemed pleasure of ramming his monstrosity of a cock in her tight pink pussy. I must warn you... if you concentrate too much on the waves caused by ass slapping in this episode... you'd get pulled in with no hopes of coming back.... WHO'S COMING WITH ME?!?!?!? The Dirty One...